HR Interview Questions

Here we will see sample answers of most asked question on HR Interview round. Just read these answers and try to yourself. You can use below answers for you to making some changes as per your skills, education and experience.

Tell me about yourself?

Sure Sir,

My Name is XXX. Currently I live in XXX. I completed my XXX degree in the field of XXXX in year XXXX.
Having 6 years of experience in field of Software development, I am currently working as a Sr. Software developer with XXX Pvt. Ltd. Noida.

I worked on various type of project like Hybrid Mobile application, Web applications, enterprise application in various technologies Like Angular 6, Angular 5, Angular JS, Sencha Touch, Ext JS & JQuery, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. I have also good command on TypeScript and ES6 concepts.

Recently I was awarded as Emerging star of year XXXX and was appreciated by client for delivery of a project before time & with quality and stability.

I started my career with XXXX Pvt. Ltd as a software developer and worked for three years and then moved to XXXX pvt. ltd. Hyderabad.

I also lead some of project with team and having responsibilities like Requirement gathering, Client discussions, Task estimation, Sprint planning, Write Business Logic and project management.

Why you want to left your current Job?

I am the kind of person where I always put myself in front to get new things, to learn new, accept challenges, handling opportunities, touch with more latest technologies. So when It comes to know that this graph is not going up & I am stuck on the same things, I decided to move for better success & opportunities.


I feel now that I’m ready for another stage in my career and for new challenges. Want to grow more with a new platform & want to involve in more responsibilities.
I have an excitement to facing new challenges and want to work for long term in a company so I think this company is a right step for my career.

What do you know about this Company? Why you think this company is good for Your career?

Before go with this answer please read some lines about company.

XXXX (company name) is one of most stable consulting firms and company involved almost all sectors like Information technology, Digital transformations, advanced analytics, transformations, sustainability, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions, across all industries and geographies.

Company incorporated with global 500 clients, thousand of local & regional organizations, hundreds of non-profits firms with 56 offices over 36 countries in world. So it is big platform for me where on each steps I will grow with a such a awesome team of XXX (company name).

Example: (HCL)
Sir I am very impressed with this Company. Company started in 1976 as one of India’s original IT start-ups and Today you are in 32 countries, including over 500 points of presence in India and having a big team and that is incredible. Most important which I really loved about this company is innovation & continuous growing and that the result The HCL enterprise has a presence across varied sectors that include technology, healthcare and talent management solutions with three companies – HCL Infosystems, HCL Technologies and HCL Healthcare. I think you are changing the word in each aspects of technologies that are amazing.

Why Company hire you? || Why should I hire you? || Why do you consider yourself a suitable candidate for this position? || Why Are You the Best Candidate? || What can you do for this company?

I believe that when a new hand joins a team who have a strong knowledge about technologies, have good concepts, can work like a good player, raise his hand always for accepting challenges so when these things come true, team starts growing more, quality of work grow and finally it become a part of company success.


I have read Job description for this position and I think I have 100 % matched skill that are required for this position. Having a good experience in this field and good technical skills, I would never you let down if you give me this responsibility to handle this position. If I get this opportunity then I can prove myself more and give a great contribution in company’s growth with my smart working.

Other candidate also have same skill set, so what is unique in you?

I know you may find other persons for this job but yes I am sure that an attitude which you are looking for this valuable position who can understand about responsibilities, can take ownership of work, I think that’s I am.

Do you think that you don’t have growth in your current company?

In my first year with this company, I have learnt a lot but after my learning curve went down and I was stuck to do same things.
I’m very eager to keep learning more and for new challenges — that’s why I’m talking with other organizations, like yours.

Tell me about your achievements?

Actually I feel that my biggest achievement is yet to come. But yes in past XXXX years, I have some notable achievements like:

  1. When I decided to create an application single handy with my own idea in a framework which was not in my current technical scope. I started working on that & finally I completed it and published it.
  2. A Project came to me that was not in stable condition any more & was in PHP, Apache and Zend server on which I did not work before. I accept this challenge and did big R & D on this and learn over code and it’s all configurations. It took me some time but finally When it becomes live after all fixes and with new version of software, Client was very happy and I got huge appreciations from client for such a excellent Job.
  3. When I got an opportunity to lead an enterprise project in just some years of experience.
  4. Because of my quality of work and code, I was selected in Code reviewer team of my company.
  5. As I am always be good performer and because of strong knowledge on my technical working areas, I was selected in Interview Panel of my previous company.
  6. When I was awarded a excellent performer for project.

Tell me about your Strength?

  1. Strong experience in software development & Project management.
  2. Ready to take ownership of my work.
  3. Ability to write good quality code.
  4. Best trying to deliver work on time.
  5. Good Communication Skills.
  6. Can handle a project critical situation and try to resolve it. (You can also prepare for such situation…)
  7. Always keep my self ready to ask questions. Asking questions can resolve multiple problems.
  8. I a good team player and always ready to resolve team conflations.
  9. Never tried to hide any issue or lack of project to supervisors.
  10. Keep transparency in work with team and managers.
  11. Try to provide a stable & bug free product. Sometimes I asked for time extension to fulfill this.

Tell me about your weakness?

Never compromise quality. How: I am much focused about quality work. I always try to write best and optimized code so sometimes I asked about time extension for projects. Most of the time I completed this in given milestones but yes asked for some more time extension.

I can not say to No: If I am doing some productive and if someone ask for any help then I can not say No to him because I believe in good relationship. SO sometimes it impacts on my productivity.

I don’t like to report at each and every steps in small small interval. I know about responsibility and timelines so i will finish that works into this.

Asked too many questions: I am always curious about how things are working in Project, about requirements, what is actual need, what type of actual data will flow etc.. sometimes I got response let’s do whatever we have and will discuss these later.

I take time on decision making: I want to analyze each and every aspect of project and work so it takes some time. Sometimes I took decisions quickly but yes most of the time I need time.

Do you take yourself to be successful?

Sir, Success is depend on many aspect personal and professional & depends on small small achievements and goals as well. I feel myself a successful person because I have learned a lot, given my best in work, many times appreciated and awarded, handled many critical situations & today having a strong expertise in my skills, I am talking to great company like yours for my next careers goals.

Can you work well in a team?

Yes sir, I can work in a team, In fact I always been a good team player. I believe a good team player can understand other and can resolve many problems of work and team. I always respect to my Juniors and my seniors.

How do you handle JOB Pressure?

Sir I think Job pressure is most important to become more powerful. I always invite job pressure, it makes me more efficient, more creative and impact-full and a better professional.
I always list down all the tasks and first set priorities and then I set a timeline for myself and start on this. Mostly I deliver things under time with good qualities. So I always think that it a positive thing.

What’s your Salary expectations from Us?

As per my good expertise in this field and having a valuable technical skills, I am expecting salary as per Company norm that can fulfill my economic need and near about 30% increment.

Would you like to ask anything from me?Last and very Important Question !!

  1. I would like to know about the career growth I can expect being with this company. I am quite an ambitious person and this information will be helpful.
  2. What are the current Challenges of this company or in running project.
  3. Please share your experience with this Company.
  4. What is team size of a project and what will be my responsibilities.

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HR Interview Questions

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