Traversing 2 D array ūüí° First Understand JavaScript multidimensional array JavaScript¬†does¬†not¬†provide¬†the¬†multidimensional¬†array¬†natively.¬†However,¬†We¬†create¬†a¬†multidimensional¬†array¬†by¬†defining¬†an¬†array¬†of¬†elements,¬†where¬†each¬†element¬†also¬†contains¬†an¬†array. ūüí° Create¬†2¬†D¬†Array¬†in¬†JavaScript ūüí° Let’s See 3-D array Structure – each element of the array is a two-dimensional array. BFS & DFS ūüí° What is BFS? BFS stands for Breadth-First Search. It is also known as level order traversal.BFS algorithm uses a queue data structure to track […]

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