Why Angular is a Preferred Choice

✔️ Framework is written in TypeScript

Having a built-in TypeScript, Angular provides robust tools to create the client-side of web applications.

✔️ Single-page applications (SPAs)

It’s time for SPA (single-page applications) and Angular does its best in that.
When we run a web application on a browser and do not need to reload the pages during its use and navigations, that is known as Single page application.
Single-page applications (SPAs) load a single HTML file page (mostly that is index.html) and dynamically update that page as the user interacts with the application.
Some Single Page Application examples are Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Google Drive, Google Maps, Airbnb, Netflix, GitHub, Pinterest, Paypal, and many more are using SPAs to build a fluid, scalable experience.

✔️ Developed by Google

Since Angular is developed by Google, it has great community support and a large audience.

✔️ Structure

Modular Structure – Angular organizes the code into modules, whether it’s components, directives, pipes, or services.
In Angular, a module is a mechanism to group components, directives, pipes, and services that are related, in such a way that can be combined with other modules to create an application.

✔️ Documentation

Detailed documentation is available on the Angular official website and its blog site.

✔️ Component-based Structure

Component-based architecture – According to this architecture, an app is divided into independent logical and functional components. These components can easily be replaced and decoupled as well as reused in other parts of an app. In addition, component independence makes it easy to test a web app and ensure that every component works seamlessly.

✔️ Ahead of Time Compiler

AOT – Ahead-of-time compiler.

✔️ CLI

Angular CLI – It is probably the most beloved feature for the majority of Angular developers.

✔️ Angular Material

Angular Material – a collection of Material Design elements & components optimized for Angular.

✔️ IVY

Ivy Renderer – New & advance compiler

✔️ PWA

Progressive web apps (PWAs) support.

✔️ Angular Element – Custom Elements

Angular Elements – Starting with Angular 6, developers can easily add custom elements to any web app built with React, JQuery, Vue, or any other environment.

✔️ Data Binding

Two-way Data Binding – Two-way data binding is one of the most amazing features of Angular.

✔️ Best for ERP applications

Enterprise Web Apps – The best framework to create ERP applications – Angular is a fully loaded package that is required to build large-scale projects.

✔️ Unit Testing Support

Unit Testing Good support available with Jasmine and Karma.

✔️ Npm Packages

Easily implementation of Other npm packages with Angular.

✔️ Lazy Load Concept – Performance Oriented

Angular provides Lazy Loading Module, Differential Loading techniques to boost application.

✔️ Dependency Injection

Dependency injection – advantage of Angular.
To define a class as a service in Angular, use the @Injectable() decorator to provide the metadata that allows Angular to inject it into a component as a dependency. And we add this service into a Component with its constructor function that is called DI. By DI, a single instance of service flows to the application.

✔️ Server-Side Rendering

Angular Universal SSR support.

✔️ Frequent Updates of Angular Versions

Frequent Updates of Angular Versions. Team timely updates their versions with new features and a lot of bug fixes and vulnerabilities.

✔️ Inbuilt Security

Inbuilt Security features available like DOM Sanitizer, HTTP CLient, etc to prevent the app from XSS and XSRF type attacks.


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Why Angular is a Preferred Choice

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